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See where you've been is important!


Parental Client - History

As a parent or guardian, would you like to see the history of your loved ones whereabouts?  If so, the built-in features on the Parental Client can do exactly that.  Simply select “History” and select start and end date and than the time.  Pins will appear on a map starting with #1 and continue until history is fully compiled.  For example, if you do a search last month from the 1st to the 15th you will see all 15 days in-order on a map with the numbered pins.  You can zoom in or out on the map and select any pin that you want.  When selecting a pin, additional information will appear including the date and time, speed of travel at that time and the latitude and longitude. 


Showing your history is not only accountability but also helps to secure your loved one.

Date & Time

Select the Date & Time to be even more selective on your locations.

Auto Counting

Pins placed on a map that are numbered for easy route following.

Responsive Layout

Select any pin and view the location Lat/Long along with Speed.

cellphone real-time monitoring safety driving app from primakeys.com            cellphone real-time monitoring safety driving app from primakeys.com            

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Easy to use when following routes.