Parent Emergency Message-stick-shift

Because emergencies come unexpectedly

Getting messages when your loved ones arrive is a peace of mind.

Friends Network - Parent Emergency Message

Requires the "Parental Client" app for the parental template to be seen on your phone.  This feature is intended for the parent to set predetermined messages and to whom they want the message to go to.  Parents are able to create unlimited unique pre-made templates to show on your phone.

Parent Emergency Message

Parental Client app is required for the parent to show on pre-made templates on child's phone.


Fastest response that parents or guardian assigned to getting emergency messages in a time of need.

Family Text

Great way to send an emergency message when on mom's or dad's week.

Vacation Help

Great for just in-case emergencies when on a vacation with whomever you maybe with.  Your parent or guardian can assign the pre-made template with the people your going on vacation with.

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Even if your loved ones forget you'll always know when they arrive safely.

A Peace Of Mind!!!