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Parental Client - Potentials

Everyone knows that it only takes a simple text message or phone call to cause a fatal accident.  Please review the short video….

One wonderful thing about the Stick-Shift App  - “Friends Network”  while your loved ones are driving the app automatically silences their phone.  For example, when a cell phone distraction that would be normally be heard is silenced and added to the potentials.  Phone calls are no different.  Calls are sent to voice mail and added to the category of call potentials.  On the flip side when your loved ones are done driving the phone returns to normal volume settings.

 The phone is fully functional while they are driving it’s only  silenced and avoiding that potential of an accident.  The phone will function when they need to send a text message or make a phone call. 

How Many?

It only takes one simple text message or phone call to cause the distraction.

Date & Time

Selecting any date and time will show you the results of a potential accident.


Text Rejections are being counted while driving.

Counted Calls

Calls are being counted while driving.

cellphone real-time monitoring safety driving app from primakeys.com            

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