Saved Locations-shift-shift

Because I want to save my camping spot! 🙂

I hate being lost... grrr

Friends Network - Save Locations

Have you ever wished that you could quickly send your location with a message or save your location and give it a name for later retrieval?  Friends Network provides a quick way to save your location.  Great for camping sites, hiking, special spots, etc.  I personally like this feature because I can share the location with my friends.  My friends will receive a text message with a link to google maps giving them directions on how to get to my location.

Multiple Locations

Save and name unlimited locations for easy retrieval.

Social Share

Share your location to any social media website.

Email Locations

The easiest way to send email with directions to business/home...

Later Retrieval

Save and share your locations later one.

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"Beautiful design made simple with the ease of location history saved"

Because I want to remember the exact camping spot...