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Find Your Loved One In Real-Time In Large Crowds

It is easy to find your missing loved one if lost in the mall or in large crowds...

Parental Client - Take Me Too

We all love going to the state fair but the crowds can be impossible to find your loved ones.  With the feature “Take Me To” makes it easy to locate regardless of how crowded it is.  Simply turn on the Parental Client app and select your loved one that you want to locate. A path from your location to your selected child is drawn.  This feature is also great for concerts, large multi-level shopping malls and in areas that you may not be familiar with.

Find Them

Google Maps will show you the route or directions to your missing loved one.

Lat/Long + Speed

Show real-time latitude/longitude and speed...

Time Distance

Estimate of time to reach your destination...

Real-Time Refresh Rate

Real-Time Refresh Rate will refresh every few seconds as your loved one is moving.

cellphone real-time monitoring safety driving app from primakeys.com            

Even if your loved ones forget you'll always know when they arrive safely.

A Peace Of Mind!!!