Emergencies Happen

Sometimes you can't make the call but you can always text.

Friends Network - Text-To-911

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to could call for help but couldn’t?  Loud music, bar scene, around people that you feel very uncomfortable with?  The list goes on and on…  If your 911 dispatch is equipped to receive text messages, you can freely text dispatch the situation and press send.  The message would be sent along with your location.  Please review the FCC Text-To-911 compliance chart and see if your local facility has the ability.

If they are not equipped you will receive a bounce back message telling you that Text-To-911 is not an option in your area.

SMS 911

Text message 911 is easy and very precise.  Each message to 911 will include your location.

Includes Location

Time saving with your location automatically sends with your SMS to 911.

Check Your Location

WARNING:  Not all areas will have the Text-To-911 capabilities in your county.  Check Here...

Share Location

Share your location with Friends and Family...

You can't control your emergencies but you can control on how to get help...

Every Text Message Sends Your Location For Faster Response Time!