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Our business needs exposure online.  Your focus is selling your products and services to your local customers.  Everyone now uses search engines with online maps to review websites and businesses.  So you need to roll out the welcome map turn on the open sign and get the best visibility on the most popular search engines.  But most small businesses don’t have a search engine expert, marketing department or a huge budget.

This is where PrimaKeys web solutions can help.  Our algorithms help you to get the most out of your exposure online and get your business on the best online maps and customer review websites including but not limited to phone book directories but most importantly the best local search engines.

PrimaKeys becomes your search engine expert and marketing department all for the fraction of the cost compared to our customers.

We’ll setup your own dashboard with all the tools to see where and from what devices and search engines are being used the most to search for your business.

Auto-detect browser language

Language Browser Detection

Automatically redirect your visitors to their preferred language depending on their browser settings.

More than 800 languages ​​provided by default. With the Language Manager regardless your customers can read your website in their native tongue.

1% of consumers spend most or all their time on websites in their own language.

4% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language.

2% of consumers said that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price.

9 out of 10 Internet users said that, when given a choice of languages, they always visited a website in their own language.

Organic Search Results

Organic Search Results

Why pay large amounts of money for “PAID” advertising results shown at the top of search engines pages.

Customers are smart and not easily fooled. They know these are targeted ads and sometimes often don’t offers that the customer didn’t search for.

Unique Profile Pages

Multilingual profile pages hitting the customers that read and speak other languages that live within 50 miles from your business.

Doorway pages to your website.

Profile pages for each search engine with analytics to see where your customers are searching from and what devices (mobile, home computer, etc.)

Dashboard LIVE


Gain access to live client dashboard, control and monitor your online presence and advertising results

Advertise out special offers to your best customers

Watch your online presence and your business grow.





We list your business and give the best directions to your business regardless if user is on a mobile phone or not.

Maps often accused by customer using smart phones, can drive greater visibility and visits for your company.

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