Better Business Accreditation PrimaKeys LLC

Businesses starting out or not should consider becoming part of the Better Business Bureau for several reasons.

  • Public Confidence
  • Self-Regulation
  • BBB Business Reviews
  • BBB Trust Mark
  • BBB Helps Drive Customer
  • Dynamic Seal for your website
  • BBB Mobile Web Site
  • Media Exposure
  • Real Dispute Resolution Services
  • Advertising Reviews
  • Employee Advantages
  • Accredited Business Hot-Line
  • Business Are Put At Higher BBB Standards

Listed above are just some of the reasons why any business small or large should be affiliated with.  Honestly it builds trust and tells consumers that you stand behind your products and services.

Unlike other platforms like google, bing, yelp and a large list of other online review.  Here is the thing, anyone can post a review with these websites and whether they are legit or not there is little that these platforms will do for you if your received negative reviews due to spite or revenge.

However, some businesses join the BBB because they’re looking for client referrals or other perks.  However, the logo does instill a sense of trust and loyalty to consumers, especially to the the generation who didn’t grow up around the Internet.

The Internet businesses like PrimaKeys LLC is a consulting company which often use things like sales letters and some grunt work like canvassing.  Now, be honest…when you read our sales letter, do you automatically assume it is a scam? I don’t, but that’s only because I am familiar with how online business works.  But, the normal “Johnson's & Smith's” on the street who doesn’t live their life on the Internet is probably not accustomed to long form sales letters.  Internet businesses are unproven territory to these people.  They look for signs that the business is legit and that they’re not going to take your money and run.

This is why we entertained the idea of taking that one step forward and leading by example compared to our competitors where they aren't BBB accredited.  It most certainly wouldn't hurt and it does put a nice seal of confidence on our website.

My expectation is that it will only improve conversations which means more sales especially when I consult many different types of industries.