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Find the problem

Which problem do you solve first? It doesn't matter. If you have time and energy, fix the one that will be the biggest boost to your bottom line.

Business Technologies

One of the biggest issues that we found dealing with merchants is the cash flow and the point of sale POS system that they use.  In addition, how do they take credit cards vs cash.

Sometimes the tools that are suppose to help businesses actually hurt the business at the same time.

Our consultants will help point out some improvements that will help you obtain better processing techniques that will help your business be more profitable.

Listen to your team

Go to your employees, and tell them you want to make a fresh start. Tell them you want them to enjoy their jobs more and get more done.

After all happier employees tend to work harder and care more and most of all they typically stay loyal and last longer.

Employees are your business biggest assets.  They can make or break your business reputation.

Getting them involved isn't that difficult.  The difficult parts are accepting rejections to the way things used to get done.  Merchants often feel its a direct attack to them personally but more often then not that is not the case.

Analyze the Problem

In this problem solving step, you will want to figure out what caused the problem, what the problem looks like at this moment, and the urgency of addressing the problem.


Research and analysis

Whether you are aware of it or not, as a business owner you conduct market research all the time.

Distribution Research

Research helps you plan the best way to get your product from the manufacturer to the retail shelf. In addition to deciding which retailers should carry your product, you should determine where your inventory will be held.

Likewise for other industries like hospitality vendors have no choice on food costs.  When the cost for food goes up typically the menu stays the same.

Pricing Research

You need to keep the customer in mind as well as remember that the main goal is to maximize your profits. Consider whether or not customers can be gained through lower prices.

On the contrary customers that are happy tend to spend more money and become more loyal.

Setting up programs can help to name a few.

  1. Payroll Services
  2. Electronic Payments
  3. Implementing Newer Business Technologies
  4. Web Management
  5. Loyalty & Gift Rewards
  6. Processing Discounts
  7. Cash Discounts
  8. Implementing Business Management Platforms
  9. CPA Integrated Services (QuickBooks)
  10. MCA Capital Funding


Applying solutions

Think like a doctor. You wouldn't be happy if your doctor gave you stomach medicine for a heart condition.

Project Management

Project management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints.

Setup a wishlist's of things that you want to accomplish and things to do.


Human Capital Management

Increase business agility. Achieve more, faster, and with less resources. With the following key enablers: the cloud, mobile, social, analytics, the internet of things, and big data, you can transform your business for the future.

Our MCA Capital Funding is the best cash advance in the market.  Receive your money in as little as 7-days.

Business Process Services

By leveraging business process services, you can focus on your core business challenges, instead of day-to-day non-core processes.

Let our point of sale POS systems and our consultants do the work for you.

Learn the difference between Cash Discounts vs. Processing Discounts and decide what your cost of doing business will be.

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