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Our Members Gain Access to Incredible Discounts from FedEx

Members are saving an average of $60 a month on their shipping bills – why aren’t you?   That’s nearly $750 in profit back to your business!

Results Speak For Themselves

High Volume Shipping – You Save Even More!

Our members that regularly ship are saving anywhere from $200 to nearly $600 a month. That’s between $2,832 and $6,936 in annualized savings!

Don’t Sweat the Big Stuff with Freight Shipping

Members using the freight shipping services are saving more than $1,400 a month.

calloutboxThat’s nearly $17,000 in annualized savings!


  • No Minimums
  • No Required Usage
  • No changes to your existing FedEx number
  • No hassles
  • No hidden program fees
  • No, really


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