Getting the one roof that is maintenance free is easier said then done. Find out why not all roofs are the same and why paying a bit more can actually save you money in the long run.

PKMS.Services are more than people knocking on doors seeking what the hone owners next project may be. It's about having the right attitude and having the confidence to knock on doors.


Did you know that knocking on doors is one of the hardest sales jobs that there is? It's true... You can ask any talented sales guy at the dealership to go knock on doors and most likely they wouldn't do it with you.


This is why we want individuals that are willing and able to get out in your field office and run this as your own business.


Knocking on the door has some tremendous rewards.  One you can make some really good money do it, but most importantly if you run your business right you have contacts from both residential and commercial.


When approaching the home you should scan and profile what may be needed for the homeowner.  For example, if you approach a home and look like it needs a new roof as the homeowner about any projects that they may be wanting to complete.  If and when the homeowner says there aren't any plans for any project is asking them if they have ever received a free quote and have them come outside and look at their roof.


Point out areas where there may be granular loss and why their roof is peeling off the decking board.


Ask the homeowner if they know what the temperature of their attic is.


Ask the homeowner if they are willing to get a reputable person and free quote for them that should take no longer than 1 to 2 hours at most.


Get the customer information and take pictures.  Leave a healthy description about the condition of the roof and advertise your lead and make money.


Depending on the job the average lead should be sold for no more than $50 and sold more than three times.  For ten minutes of work you just made $150.  Do this several times a day five days a week you can start seeing your money grow.


To manage your business with high achievable results conduct a split with contractors that you know and are willing to give you a cut of their commission could result in higher payouts.


The point that we are trying to make here in this article is that you manage your business the way you deem the best fit for you and your business modal.